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Rocking Horse Hospital

We're proud to add this restoration string to our bow!

If you have a rocking horse looking tired, faded or in need of a spruce up contact us today.

As you can see Duncan restored this first rocking horse back to its former glory.

All aspects of the rocking horse restoration can be taken on including painting, welding, woodwork, textiles Duncan really can do it all and breath life back into your rocking horse.

Pricing is custom for each rocking horse repair. Once we have seen the condition we can advice as to the cost and timescale.

Enquire below and let us make your restoration a reality!

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"Very proud that our rocking horse was the first patient at the Rocking Horse Hospital. A truly remarkable transformation. We couldn’t be more pleased with Horsey’s recovery! Dr. Duncan is brilliant! Many thanks. Barbara Miles and Anna Richards "

- First Bury St Edmunds Rocking Horse Hospital Customer

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